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Secret of Mana - Hard Mode

Did you beat Secret of Mana for the umpteenth time again and said to yourself, "Man, that was so damn easy."
For this reason, a fan named "Masterflow" got himself to work editing the game.
Enemys are now harder and have more HP, items became more expensive and even some nasty extras were installed.
You will hardly play recognition. Towns and palaces which before were very simple will move on to absolute frustration.
You are anxious? Then fetch the patch at the download area and experience a new adventure game in the "hard" World of Secret of Mana.




22.01.2011 - Hard-SoM for iPhone!
Masterflow announced in the SDC-Forum, that a Hard-SoM version is in process.

06.09.2009 - Item limit increased-Patch released.
With this patch you can buy/find up to 9 items.
Note: This patch is not intended for Hard SoM, as it destroys the balance.

08.01.2008 - Added patch for the japanese version and VWF edition combi-patch changed readme

25.12.2007 - Mini-Bugfix

24.12.2007 - Just in time for Christmas we make the hard-patch available to you.
You can download the patch in the download-area on the left menu.



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